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Currently my work explores memory, imagination and existence through an improvisational painting process. I find this way of working as a compass to help navigate the ever-so-curious engagements of life. I am using simple imagery as a means to explore personal experiences in paintings like I have not seen before. In many ways I think we come from a chain of events, stories and myths. How in the world do we unpack it all? For me, I use painting and drawing as a means of investigating the mysteries orbiting this age old question. My goal is to find what the paint is hiding and illuminate it. I am acutely aware of patterns in my work and I let them guide me as I sift through the more mysterious territories that my creative process reveals.There is a subconscious element to this that I value very much. Sometimes I enter these trances, where every mark and decision is in cahoots. It's difficult and challenging to navigate. Nevertheless, I welcome this challenge because both my work and self are put in vulnerable positions. With time and experience, I've found vulnerability is a universal feeling that shines light on weeds itching to spring up.

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