Chase King 

Woodstock, Georgia

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-Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) Cum Laude, Concentration in Drawing and Painting. School of Art &  

  Design, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA

Gallery Representation

TFA Gallery. Woodstock, Ga . 2021-Present




-KSU 2nd Annual Alumni Biennial Exhibition. Zuckerman Musuem of Art. Kennesaw, GA. (juried)

-Featured Artist Event: Chase King. TFA Gallery. Woodstock, GA. (solo)

-[Re]Constructing Home. Reeves House. Woodstock, GA. (invitational) Curated by Nicole Lampl

-The Art Show. Mowse Cafe. Woodstock, GA. (group) 

-Memories and Dreams. Phoenix & Dragon Metaphysical Book Store. Sandy Springs, GA. (two-man) 


-Wintery Mix. 378 Gallery. Atlanta, GA. (invitational)

-Georgia Lawyers for the Arts Gala and Silent Auction. King Plow Arts Center, Atlanta, GA. (invitational)

-Cherokee Arts Center Member Show.  Cherokee Arts Center. Canton, GA. (group)

-Elm Street Gala, Live Painting Demonstration. His Hands Church. Woodstock, GA. (invitational)

-Where Do We Come From? 378 Lo Gallery. Atlanta, GA. (solo) 


- Works on Paper. Red Arrow Gallery. East Nashville, TN.(group) 

-Paintings and Drawings. Sanctuary on Main. Woodstock, GA. (solo)

-Georgia Lawyers for the Arts Gala and Silent Auction. Westside Cultural Arts Center, Atlanta, GA. 


-24th Annual Hambidge Art Auction & Masquerade Bash. The Works-Upper West Side. Atlanta, GA. (invitational)

-KSU Beyond Alumni Exhibition. Zuckerman Musuem of Art. Kennesaw, GA. (invitational)

-Repurposed. 378 Gallery. Atlanta, GA. (juried)

-Georgia on my Mind. Elkor Art Gallery. Riga, Latvia. (invitational)

-Contemporary Art Survey. The Lincoln Center. Fort Collins, CO. (juried)

-Selected Works of Local Artist. Elm Street Theatre. Woodstock, GA. (invitational)

-End Game. Future Gallery. Atlanta, Georgia. (juried)

-11th Annual Nude and Figure Show. dk Gallery. Marietta, GA.(invitational)


-Kibbee Gallery Holiday Pop Up Show. Unmarked Building on 140 West Washington St. Madison, GA.

  Curated by Ben Goldman (group)

-Toy Party & Silent Auction. Opera Nightclub. Atlanta, GA.(invitational) 

-SnowGlobe-Shaking up Holidays with Art. EBD4. Atlanta, GA.(invitational)

-Little Things Mean a Lot. Swan Coach House Gallery. Atlanta, GA. Curated by Marianne Lambert


-Abstract MindState. Future Gallery. Atlanta, GA.(juried)

-Figments: Works by Chase King. Seminole State College. Sanford, FL.(solo)

-Water of Alabama. Paperworkers Local. Birmingham, AL.(juried)

-Sci Fi. Battle & Brew. Sandy Spring, GA.(group).

-Taylor English Law Firm Art Exhibition. Taylor English Law Firm. Atlanta, GA.(invitational)

-Original South. Kibbee Gallery. Atlanta, GA.(group)

-Fresh Blood. Mason Fine Art. Atlanta, GA.(juried)

-23rd Annual Hambidge Art Auction & Performance Gala. Atlanta Decorative Arts Center, ADAC.

  Atlanta, GA.(invitational)

-Hundo. Future Gallery. Atlanta, GA.(group)

-Popstart. DK Gallery. Marietta, GA.(juried)

-Local Visions: Paintings of Woodstock by Chase King. Woodstock Visitors Center. Woodstock, GA.  


-Derelict: New Works by Chase King and Devin Hunter. Kibbee Gallery. Atlanta, GA.(two-man)



-Nick O’ Time. Kibbee Gallery. Atlanta, GA.(group)

-Toy Party and Silent Auction. Americas Mart. Atlanta, GA.(invitational)

-Under the Surface. Masterpiece Framer. Canton, GA.(solo)

-Artists Travel Drawings and Paintings. Perry and Carlson Gallery. Mount Vernon, WA.(juried)

-South. Kibbee Gallery. Atlanta, GA.(group)

-19th Annual National Juried Competition - Works on Paper 2017. Long Beach Island Foundation of Arts

   & Sciences. Long Beach Township, New Jersey.(juried)

-Spring Capstone Senior Exhibition III. Zuckerman Museum of Art. Kennesaw, GA.(group)

-MOCA GA Pin-Up Show. MOCA GA. Atlanta, GA.(group)

-College Juried Exhibit. The Art Place. Marietta, GA.(juried)

-Love and Death. Kibbee Gallery. Atlanta, GA.(group)

-Work of Heart Fine Art Exhibit and Auction. Westside Cultural Arts Center. Atlanta, GA.(group)       

-34th Annual Juried Student Exhibition. Zuckerman Museum of Art, Kennesaw, GA.(juried)

-Valdosta National Exhibition. Dedo Maranville Fine Arts Gallery. Valdosta, GA.(juried)


-Toy Party and Silent Auction. Americas Mart. Atlanta, GA.(invitational)

-Georgia Lawyers for the Arts GALA Silent Auction. Greystone at Piedmont Park.


-Mint Postcard Pin-up Show. Second Self Beer Company. Atlanta, GA.(group)

-Nick O’ Time. Kibbee Gallery. Atlanta, Ga.(group)       

-Georgia Symphony Orchestra’s: A Musical Promenade. Marietta Performing Arts  

   Center. Marietta, GA.(juried)

-Selected Works. Economic Development Offices of Downtown Woodstock. Woodstock,  


-Art on Main. Main Street Gallery. Acworth, GA.(juried)

-South. Kibbee Gallery. Atlanta, GA.(group)

-Selected Works. Masterpiece Framer. Canton,GA.(invitational)

-20th Annual Hambidge Art Auction & Performance Gala. The Goat Farm. Atlanta, GA.(invitational)

-New Kids on the Block Third Annual Intercollegiate Exhibition. Eyedrum Art and  

  Music Gallery. Atlanta, GA.(juried)

-Burnaway Art Crush Auction. Mason Fine Art Gallery. Atlanta, GA.(invitational)

-Thematic Shifts. OTP Gallery at Market Place 120. Marietta, GA.(invitational)   

-Thematic Shifts. Acworth Cultural Arts Center. Acworth, GA.(invitational)

-33rd Annual Juried Student Exhibition. Zuckerman Museum of Art. Kennesaw, GA.(juried)


-JW Collection Sales Office. Woodstock, GA. Artwork: Commissioned Mural 

-David Potts. Woodstock City Council Member. Private Collection. Woodstock, GA. Artwork: "Evening in the Forest" (2020)

-Mood Conyers. Conyers Fine Art. Private Collection. Miami, FL. Artworks: "Epperson Sisters" (2020)

-Donna Krueger. Owner of dkGallery. Private Collection. Marietta, GA. Artwork: “Trails” (2018)

-Joe Massey. Private Collection. Atlanta, GA. Artwork: “Spring Training“ (2016)

-Lane Arnold. Private Collection. Alpharetta, GA. Artworks: “ Through the Birds 1”,” Through the Birds

     2”, “Through the Birds 3” (2016)

 -City of Woodstock’s Economic Development Department. Private Collection. Woodstock, GA. Artworks:     

  “Myrtle Bluff”(2016), “Tangled” (2016)

-Pacita Wilson. Owner of Pineapple Park. Private Collection. Woodstock, GA. Artwork: “Louis” (2015)

-Sarah Beanland. Private Collection. Woodstock, GA. Artworks: “Tribute to Thornton Dial and William

       “Arnett” (2010), “Midwest Assemblage” (2013)

- Kent and Anne Spencer. Private Collection. Canton, GA Artworks: “Selfie Slaying” (2014),

   “Allatoona”(2015), “Franklin, LA Dog Food Plant” (2014), “Canton Abode” (2012), “Brick Stairs” (2013),

   “Midnight Blooms”(2008), “Girl at the Bar”(2008)

-Bob Burkhardt. Owner of PB&J Gallery Private Collection. Atlanta, GA Artwork:

  “Contemporary Pilgrimage” (2011)

-Roberta Griffin, Adjunct Professor of Art History. Private Collection. Woodstock, GA. Artwork:


-Debbie Tidwell. Private Collection. Woodstock, GA. Artwork: “Hoola-Hoopers” (2010)

 -Brian Stockton.  Private Collection. Woodstock, GA. Artwork: “City Traffic” (2008), “Tangled” (2016)


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Artist Talk. "Where Do We Come From?" Speakers: Chase King and Jim Wakeman. Invited by Tom Zarrilli, Gallery Director for 378 Gallery. 378 Gallery. Atlanta , GA. 2020.

Artist Talk. “Figments: Works by Chase Wilson King. “ Speaker: Chase King. Invited by Eduardo Rivera,

Curator at Seminole State College Fine Art Gallery. Seminole State College. Sanford, FL. 2018. During the opening reception of Figments, I introduced myself and spoke about my work and process, followed by a Q&A by the audience. The dean of the Fine Arts Department, along with faculty and staff were among the audience. Portions of the talk were filmed for educational purposes.

SOAAD Radnocular. “Tailored: When Shaped Canvases Started Fitting In.” Speaker: Chase King. Invited   by Professor Don Robson, School of Art and Design, Kennesaw State University. Kennesaw, GA. 2016. Seven students lectured briefly about their undergraduate research with powerpoint presentations of their art and processes.  Dean of the College of the Arts, Patricia Poulter, Director of the School of Art and Design, Geo Sipp, faculty and staff members of the fine arts programs attended the function.


Artist Talk. “A Presentation by Chase King. ” Speaker: Chase King. Invited by Robert Allen Putnam, Visual Arts Department, Etowah High School. Woodstock, GA. 2011. For 45 minutes, I presented a body of oil paintings and sketchbooks to a class of high school students and discussed what art can become outside of the classroom.