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Can I set up a payment plan for purchasing artwork or a service? 

Absolutely! Chase offers financing for up to 6 months for artwork or services above $1,000.00.  


Does your artwork come with frames?

Chase does offer a custom frame at an additional cost.  


How do you price your artwork and services? 

There are many variables that are considered when pricing a work of artwork. Size and kind are the two most contributing factors when coming up with a price. Art service prices are based on experience, entertainment/educational value and labor. All prices are based on fair market value and will always strive to enhance the value of art throughout communities. 

How long does it take for artworks to be completed? 

Generally, I take more time on my personal work so it does vary. For custom work, a timeline would be established that best fits for the project, ensuring that quality and execution are maintained.  

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