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What to Expect

Are you seeking to capture a unique moment or add an unforgettable entertainment experience to your event, or perhaps both? I’m Chase King, an artist with over 15 years of experience, and I believe I’m the perfect artist for you. Throughout my artistic journey, I’ve crafted paintings for personal clients, arts organizations, and exhibitions nationwide. My unwavering passion for connecting with others through art has always been my driving force.


Before you make any decisions, I recommend scheduling a consultation call. You can anticipate a process built on transparency and open communication. My commitment to honesty and enthusiasm for my craft means I’ll only provide recommendations and suggestions that best serve your needs. Once you decide to collaborate with me, we’ll put every essential detail in writing well in advance of your event, ensuring that you’ll get precisely what you desire.


Pricing varies based on the event’s size, travel requirements, and canvas dimensions. What you can absolutely count on is receiving a personalized, original painting that will be cherished for years to come, appreciated beyond measure.

Canvas Options





Custom size: Hand crafted to fit specific spaces


Style and Process

My approach to painting is fluid and adaptive, drawing inspiration from the environment around me. This flexibility has been a cornerstone of my success as an artist. My work is characterized by its loose, gestural style, with strategic focal points that lend structure to my compositions.


When it comes to my live paintings, they can take two primary forms: capturing spontaneous scenes that unfold during the event or executing planned compositions, depending on your event’s unique needs. If you have a vision, I’m here to help bring it to life. And if you’re not sure where to start, I can provide suggestions tailored to your objectives.


By the close of your event, around 90% of the painting will be complete, with the final touches done in my studio. The specifics of delivery will be discussed in detail during our consultation, ensuring a seamless experience from concept to finished masterpiece.”


Customized pricing for live painting services is determined by the venue, location, and date of your event. I relish the opportunity to travel, and if your event is beyond the local metro Atlanta area or even out of state, rest assured, I can accommodate your needs. Since each event is unique, we will tailor all the particulars to your specific case during our consultations.

Reservation and Payment

I deeply value your business and appreciate your trust in us. In order to ensure you receive the top-notch service you deserve, I will prepare a contract for your approval, secure your event date on my calendar, and kindly request a 50% non-refundable deposit. This deposit is essential to compensate for the expenses and time committed to making your event a success.


When you're organizing an event, live painting offers a one-of-a-kind experience that leaves a lasting impression. Whether it's a wedding, a concert, corporate team building, a seasonal festival, a private gathering, or any other occasion, we all possess creative inclinations. Whether that creativity is expressed passively or interactively, having a live painting at your upcoming event serves as a powerful reminder that our creative spirit is an integral part of our identity and communities.


"Chase's artistic interactions with the event are nothing short of magical. He captures the essence of the occasion in his work, turning his corner of the gala into an immersive visual experience. His ability to adapt to different themes and atmospheres, all while maintaining a sense of grace and professionalism, is truly commendable. Even beyond this, Chase takes the time to connect with guests while live painting, with a posture of contributory conversation. Chase's presence adds a unique layer of creativity and sophistication to our fundraisers."

-Christopher Brazelton

Executive Director, Woodstock Arts

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