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Doing What I Need To Do

Since the age of 16, I knew painting was the one thing that would keep me fulfilled, ultimately. Of course, that has not changed but my approach certainly has. Early on, I carried a sketch book with me, drawing and scribbling everything down. Understanding my own marks, patterns and observations became so important to me that it became an obsession. Nevertheless, I needed to make a run at showing my work, establishing myself and all that I had been working towards...which was what exactly?

As I continue to works towards this passion of mine, I wouldn't be doing myself any favors if I did not ask myself why I continue to spend so much of my time painting. Is it because it is all that I know now? Is it too late to pick up another interest to get involved in? There are endless reasons to give up, move on. Every so often there are some doubts about my progress. Sometimes it feels redundant and stale. Even more often though, I am reminded to stay the course and realize my ambitions. Because of my choices, I am on my toes everyday. Doing what I need to do to see it through. And in those very choices, I pick up skills, gain new friends and perspective, share and teach, get humbled and surprised. All of those things are informing and helping me grow. I think its a beautiful thing because its not just happening to me. Its happening to all of you each and everyday.

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